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3 steps to take if a dog bites your child

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Children and dogs can be the best of friends. Unfortunately, it does not always work out like that, and many children have been bitten by dogs.

If this happens to your child, you are right to be worried. Dogs’ mouths can harbor a range of bacteria that can cause serious infections in your child. Besides that, there is a range of physical damage that the teeth can do, possibly resulting in expensive surgery to repair the wounds and scars as best as possible.

Understanding what to do will be key to raising your chances of getting the compensation you need. Here are three steps to take:

Get immediate medical attention

It does not matter if it only appears to be a minor nip. You should still take your child for a medical check-up so that a doctor can give them the all-clear. If you don’t you may miss signs of infection that could turn problematic. A doctor’s report will also be crucial when filing your claim.

Get the details of the owner

Most dogs belong to someone, however loosely that person may control their dog. They may hold coverage for such incidents under their household insurance. Or you may need to look at further legal options to claim compensation. In both cases, you need to know who to hold responsible, as you cannot claim against the animal itself.

Consider reporting it to the police

Some dogs have bitten before, and others may go on to bite again if the owner does not take appropriate action. The police and local authorities can take charge of ensuring this happens. Having their help to identify previous aggressive behavior from the dog can increase the chance you get adequate compensation. 

Courts may consider an owner less at fault the first time a dog bites than if it has previous history. It’s often best to get legal help to find out more about how to proceed.