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Some dogs are nervous of children

Dogs form part of the family for many households across the country. Children often grow up with a loyal canine companion that becomes their best friend. Nonetheless, some dogs can be a bit nervous of children. While it is rare, in the worst-case scenarios, this can...

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Common types of pool injuries

Playing in a pool can be fun and relaxing, whether it’s outside at the public pool or inside a hotel. Sadly, even recreational activities like swimming or diving carry great risks, especially for young children. From 2015 to 2017, about ¾ of children who needed...

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Why do good dogs attack?

Many times, after a dog attack, the owner will say that they can’t believe it happened because the dog was always so nice. They say it has “never done anything like this before.” In some cases, these dogs are pets who have been around people for a long time. For...

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