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Some dogs are nervous of children

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Dogs form part of the family for many households across the country. Children often grow up with a loyal canine companion that becomes their best friend.

Nonetheless, some dogs can be a bit nervous of children. While it is rare, in the worst-case scenarios, this can result in children being bitten. Why are some dogs more nervous about children than others?

It depends on the dog’s history

Many families opt to rescue dogs, which is admirable. The downside of this is that you don’t know what the dog has experienced in previous environments. Some parents put their dogs up for rehoming because a dog has shown aggression toward their child. Often, this isn’t the dog’s fault, they may have been teased and tormented as a means of entertainment. Before taking on a canine companion, it’s important that you research their history as thoroughly as possible and introduce them to family members gradually.

Dogs are sensitive to noise

It’s common for people to humanize dogs, but they are very different both psychologically and biologically. Dogs are far more sensitive to loud noises than humans. Children, particularly young children, certainly like to exercise their voice, and this can be overwhelming for a dog, especially when it is new to the household.

You can’t control other people’s dogs

You may know and trust your own dog, but it could be very different from others. If your child has been bitten, it may be possible for you to hold the owner to account. Make sure you seek some legal guidance if this happens.