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Why do good dogs attack?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Many times, after a dog attack, the owner will say that they can’t believe it happened because the dog was always so nice. They say it has “never done anything like this before.” In some cases, these dogs are pets who have been around people for a long time.

For instance, there was recently a case where two children were attacked by pitbulls while at their grandparents’ house. The pitbulls had been family pets for years prior to the attack. It also happened in the house, so this isn’t a scenario where someone was just walking by unexpectedly. Why would an attack like this occur?

People just don’t see the provocation

In some cases when someone claims it was an unprovoked attack, that just means that they didn’t see what provoked the dog. Children in particular may make mistakes with dogs such as acting too aggressively toward them, moving too quickly to give them a hug or going by them while they eat food.

Dogs do not interpret situations the same way

Another potential issue is that dogs will often interpret situations differently than humans would, but people won’t realize it. A dog that barks at the mailman genuinely believes it is helping to protect the home, for example.

Other factors play a role

Additionally, there could be factors that are influencing the attack that people don’t even see. 

For instance, a dog that has been injured may be more likely to attack because it thinks it has to protect itself. A dog that is growing older could suffer from some sort of cognitive decline that makes it more aggressive than it used to be. A dog that is nervous in a loud and chaotic environment may be more likely to bite even when there’s not a threat, simply because someone comes near to it.

This can help you understand why dog bites happen, but they can’t always be avoided. If you or one of your children suffers a bite, you may need to seek financial compensation.