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Traumatic brain injuries can cause mental disorders

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are unlike other injuries. The brain is a very complex organ and victims of TBIs sometimes have to live with the long-term consequences of their injuries.

Among them is the development of mental disorders. Studies have shown that TBI victims are at a higher risk of developing psychiatric illnesses due to the effects such injuries have on the brain.

What mental conditions are TBI victims predisposed to?

The type of mental disorder that could develop after a TBI depends on several things, such as the psychological trauma you went through, how you adjust to the situation and the affected region of the brain.

For instance, you are likely to develop depression following trauma to the left side of the brain that controls logic and mood. On the other hand, injuries to the right side of the brain could result in personality changes. Other mental disorders that may develop include apathy, manic disorders and aggression among others. 

How long will it take for these disorders to manifest?

The development of psychiatric disorders takes time and varies per individual. Some victims will develop these disorders even before they recover from the physical injuries, while others take months or years for such disorders to manifest.

Getting justice after a TBI

There is a lot at stake if you or your loved one suffers a TBI. Their life may never be the same again because these injuries can affect every aspect of your life. Your promising career could grind to a halt, and relationships with friends or family may be broken down.

Therefore, you need to handle your claim carefully given the increased likelihood of developing mental disorders. Maximizing the payout of your claim with an eye on the future is what’s best for you and the closest form of justice you can get.