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What are the dangerous dog laws in Albuquerque?

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If you are bitten by a dog in New Mexico, your priority should be to seek medical care. The owner of the dog that bit you should be held liable for the animal’s actions, too, meaning that they should cover the cost of your medical care, lost wages and other financial losses surrounding the incident.

New Mexico has Angel’s Law in place to protect the public against dog bites. The law states that owners who allow their dogs to run loose in the city or to safely restrain them on their property may be held both civilly and criminally liable for any harm that their dogs cause.

Albuquerque’s city ordinances for dangerous dogs

The city’s ordinance covers three items:

  1. Potentially dangerous dogs
  2. Dangerous dogs
  3. Irresponsible owners

Potentially dangerous dogs are dogs that are a threat to public safety. It may be deemed potentially dangerous if it chases a person or their companion animal aggressively without provocation or causes a minor injury to a person or companion animal. Acting aggressively within a fenced yard or appearing to be able to escape and jump out of the enclosure or yard may also result in this classification.

Dangerous dogs are those who have caused an injury and who previously were deemed potentially dangerous. Dogs observed aggressively menacing or chasing a person or their companion animal may also be categorized this way. The definition includes dogs that have, without provocation, seriously harmed or killed a person or companion animal.

When owners are irresponsible with their pets, they can be held civilly and criminally liable for any injuries that occur. An irresponsible owner is an owner who is unable to humanely or safely own an animal.

What do you do if you’ve been hurt or attacked by a dangerous dog?

It is important to report the incident to the police and animal control. If you’ve been hurt, seek medical attention as soon as possible. The owner should be held liable for their animal’s actions, so you can focus on your recovery and the potential for making a claim against them for compensation.