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After hitting your head due to a fall, consider a claim

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Uncategorized |

A trip-and-fall accident could lead to traumatic, life-changing injuries. Among them is the risk of a serious brain injury.

How do brain injuries happen in trip-and-fall accidents? The main way is by the victim hitting their head. If they fall forward, they might hit their head on a ledge or stair, for example. Falling backwards, they might hit their head on a stair, curb or the ground.

While many people do try to catch themselves when they fall, the reality is that not everyone can stop themselves from hitting the ground or an object. If they hit their head, then that should be considered an emergency that warrants further investigation and a medical exam.

What should you do if you trip and fall before hitting your head?

If you are on another person’s property, whether that is a friend’s home or a business’s office building, you need to let someone know that you’ve been hurt. If you hit your head and others are nearby, ask them to call 911 and to get the business’s staff or manager. At a home, call for the owner or anyone who can help you get emergency care. Your priority should be to get seen by a medical professional as soon as possible while also documenting that an accident has occurred on the property.

After you go through an exam and are medically stable, you may be able to make a premises liability claim to seek compensation for your fall and the injuries that resulted. Our website has more information on the steps to take if you’ve been hurt on another person’s property.