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Statistics that show the real scope of spinal cord injuries 

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It’s well-known that spinal cord injuries are incredibly detrimental to a person’s quality of life. In many cases, from the moment the injury happens, a 100% recovery is impossible. It’s simply not going to happen, which is precisely why people need to know about all of their options to seek the compensation they’ll need for the path life will take. 

Even when understanding how serious these cases are, though, people do not always grasp the full scope of the issue or how common it is. It’s time to consider some key statistics that may help accomplish this goal. 

Spinal cord injuries are more widespread than many people realize

On the whole, researchers believe that there may be up to 363,000 people in the United States living with spinal cord injuries at any given moment. They also add that nearly 18,000 new cases come up every year as more people are injured. Of these injuries, here are some of the common causes:

  • Medical-related issues: 4.1%
  • Recreational activities and sports: 8%
  • Gunshot wounds and other types of violence: 13.5%
  • Falls: 31.8%
  • Car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents: 39.3%

There are other causes, of course, but they make up just 3.1% of all other cases, the smallest overall group even when taken together. 

If you have suffered a serious injury, you may be facing significant costs for the rest of your life, along with the inability to work in your chosen field. It can feel daunting, especially when someone else was at fault. Take the time to ease your financial fears by considering your legal options