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Stairs pose a major hazard for everyone

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2021 | Uncategorized |

People walk up and down stairs on a daily basis without thinking too much about it. The fact is that this can be very dangerous in some cases. It’s possible that the stairs might not be properly maintained or built. 

Falls on stairs can lead to significant injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage and internal bleeding. Sometimes, the injuries aren’t that severe. Sprains, bruising, cuts and strains are possible. 

What contributes to falls on stairs?

Objects on stairs can cause you to trip, so stairways should be clear and free from obstacles. Weak steps might lead to you losing your footing. Steps might be slippery, which means that you could slip. Having non-slip strips on the steps can help to alleviate this. 

Another issue that occurs on steps is a weak or shaky handrail. The handrail can help you to keep your balance while you’re on the stairs. When it isn’t properly installed, you won’t have the stability you need to go up and down safely. 

All staircases must meet specific standards. Reviewing the stairs can help you to determine who might be held liable for the damages that you suffered because of the incident. Working with a team familiar with these types of cases can be beneficial.

What if you’ve been injured in a fall on someone’s stairs?

Anyone who suffers an injury on stairs should ensure they get the medical care they need for their injuries. If there was negligence leading up to the fall, you may also consider seeking compensation for the damages. This may include lost wages, medical care expenses and other costs that are related to the incident.