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Brain injuries can occur in near-drownings

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Swimming pools are amazing ways to beat the normal heat that comes with living in New Mexico. It’s imperative, however, that anyone who has a pool, including those who own public pools, take the time to ensure they’re properly secured and reasonably safe.

Near-drownings occur far too often, and many of those are due to negligent property owners. When a person nearly drowns, the brain is starved of oxygen. This can lead to serious brain injuries that can impact the rest of the person’s life. 

Full recovery isn’t always possible

Emergency medical care is imperative for a person who almost drowned. This is a chance for doctors to do diagnostic testing to determine what type of damage the person has because of the incident. This might not be limited to only brain injuries, but also includes things like lung damage. 

A person who has a brain injury because of a near-drowning can suffer from serious effects, including seizures, motor impairment, forgetfulness, and mood swings. Other impacts may also occur. For many, those symptoms may lessen over time; however, the chance for a full recovery after a severe injury isn’t always possible. The location and severity of the damage play a role in the extent of the recovery the person will experience after the near-drowning.

Some near-drownings are the result of negligent property owners, such as those who don’t have proper securement around their pools. If you or your loved one has been the victim of a near-drowning that could have been avoided with better care by the pool’s owner, asking for compensation can help you cover the costs of emergency medical care, as well as the life-long care that may be needed.