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What are the lasting effects of perinatal stroke?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Birth Injury |

A mother and the baby can be fragile during and after the pregnancy. Adequate examinations and attentive care can help improve the chances of a safe delivery. However, some medical issues can happen unexpectedly, no matter how prepared the mother and medical team are. Perinatal stroke, an often unexplainable health issue, can occur, potentially harming the baby and causing long-term medical problems.

This type of stroke happens shortly before or after labor, when the baby is in a sensitive physical state, requiring close observation and perceptive care. Perinatal stroke can lead to severe health issues, such as the following:

  • Hemiparesis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cognitive and developmental issues
  • Neurological disorders, impacting the baby’s learning
  • Poor or degrading vision

These conditions can result in impairments and disabilities babies must live with as they grow up, affecting their quality of life. Their families can also suffer emotionally and psychologically, potentially warranting therapy and other treatments to support them over time.

Treating perinatal stroke

Babies who experienced perinatal stroke may show signs within hours or even days after birth. In some cases, the babies exhibit little to no symptoms, delaying their diagnosis when the complications appear through childhood.

In most cases, perinatal stroke treatments focus on addressing the damage caused. These methods can include interventions targeting seizures, addressing infections and improving blood flow.

Pursuing compensation if appropriate

The aftermath of a perinatal stroke is often challenging and costly, considering that the baby may need continuing medical help to manage and treat any health issues. Treatments may cost a lot, racking up a considerable bill. In these instances, the family could seek compensation if negligence or carelessness contributed to the baby’s birth injuries. By seeking legal counsel, they can learn if filing a claim is possible and what options can be applicable based on the situation.