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Wrongful death lawsuit: How negligence allegedly led to murder

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

When tragedy strikes, the resulting circumstances often lead families to seek justice for their lost loved ones. Such was the case for the families of victims Daniel Humphrey and Sonia Tenorio, whose lives were tragically cut short in a double murder in Albuquerque. Because of this, their families filed wrongful death lawsuits, citing a series of missed opportunities that, if acted upon, might have prevented this sad tragedy.

Ignored warning signs

The criminal record and prior bad behavior of John Paul Ballejos, the man named as the murderer, are at the center of several wrongful death lawsuits filed by the families of the victims, Humphrey and Tenorio. These lawsuits target multiple parties: the management of the apartment complex where the murders occurred; the company responsible for conducting tenant background checks, AppFolio; and the local law enforcement agency, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD).

The families say these groups didn’t respond correctly to many warning signs connected to Ballejos’ dangerous actions. Ballejos had a troubling past, with restraining orders, death threats, involvement with drugs and stolen cars, and ownership of dangerous guns. The lawsuits allege that the defendants saw the obvious warning signs but chose to ignore or miss them, resulting in their loved one’s death.

Accountability for inaction

The families of the victims have filed lawsuits against those they believe could have stopped the tragic deaths. They aim to make these parties take responsibility for what the families claim as negligence or inaction. In lawsuits like this one, the families can typically seek damages, which could include economic and non-economic compensation for their loss. However, it’s important to note that the families carry the burden of proof in these lawsuits. They must show compelling evidence to support their claims that the defendants’ inaction directly contributed to the tragic outcome.

Legal options in tough times

Distressing situations like these highlight the unpredictability of life. When such incidents occur, it’s important for families to know they have legal options to seek justice from those responsible. Pursuing such relief can help them process their grief, providing a sense of justice and acknowledgment of their profound loss. Ultimately, this can be a step toward healing from the tragic circumstances they’ve endured.