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Rolling ball candy recalled after child choked to death

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Children’s candy takes all shapes and forms, but one confection has such a dangerous design that its manufacturer has issued a recall.

KGR Distribution Corporation and Cocco Candy of Turkey have issued a recall for the former’s Cocco Candy Rolling Candy over risks that the candy’s rolling ball could dislodge and choke a child to death by getting stuck in their throat.

The recall comes after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission received one report of a seven-year-old girl in April 2023 who fatally choked after the rolling ball on her candy dislodged and got stuck in her throat.

Cocco Candy is recalling as many as 145,800 rolling ball candies. Consumers have been advised to stop using the product and request a refund from the distributor, KGR Distribution.

Poor product design can be grounds for a lawsuit

A dangerous product design that potentially leads to injury or death can be reason enough for a parent or guardian to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. A product liability lawsuit can hold the manufacturer responsible for any accidental injuries or deaths their products have caused.

Design defects can be the foundation of a strong product liability lawsuit. But only if the parent or guardian can prove that an alternative design would be safer than the manufacturer’s. To accomplish this, the complainants must assemble a team of expert witnesses to help prove their claim. This is easier said than done, so anyone filing a product liability lawsuit should consult a legal professional for help.