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Consumer injuries caused by defective products

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Consumers use different products every day, trusting that they are safe for their intended purposes. Unfortunately, some of them are not. If certain types of products are defective, an unsuspecting consumer can be seriously injured.

Defect types

A product may have a defective design which makes it dangerous or unfit for its intended use, it may have a manufacturing defect which happens when there is an error during the assembly process, or it may have a labeling defect meaning that it is missing warnings or misleads consumers.

Consumers can also be hurt if the manufacturer fails to recall a defective product that is already on the market. Products intended for children can carry their own risk, including those with suffocation hazards.


A defective product can cause physical harm, including burns, toxic exposure, choking, cuts and allergic reactions, among others. Appliances, electronics and heaters can cause fires and burn users, as well as carry the risk of electrocution. Products with sharp edges, like plastic packaging, knives and power tools can also hurt consumers.

Consumers can suffer from allergic reactions to the ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products. Contaminated food can cause a foodborne illness, which can lead to hospitalization or even death.

Finally, medical devices and defective medications can hurt the consumer, specifically if they do not work as intended and cause the user a worse health outcome.

The outcome of each situation will vary, based on the type of defect and the extent of the consumer’s injuries. There is help available to pursue compensation for injuries caused by defective products.