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How to protect yourself from dog attacks

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Many people get bit by dogs and suffer numerous medical complications and surgeries as a result. 

You can’t always predict a dog attack, but there are some things that you can do to prevent one before it happens. Here are some good safety guidelines to follow:

1. Ask owners before petting their dogs

Some dog owners are aware of the fact that their dogs can be aggressive to strangers. Before you hurry to pet that adorable dog you see, you should consider talking to the dog owner and asking permission, first. You could prevent yourself from getting injured if the dog’s owner declines and warns you off. 

2. Stay away from stray dogs

You may live in an area where people drop off unwanted dogs. This can cause you to be in more danger of dog attacks. If you have a soft touch for abandoned dogs, you may wish to approach, pet and feed them. But, you can’t tell what type of temperament a stray dog has. In other words, you shouldn’t walk up to a dog that you don’t know. 

3. Don’t look at a dog in its eyes

You may be on a walk when you come across a stray dog. If you notice the dog and the dog sees you, you should try avoiding eye contact. Eye contact could be a sign of aggression to the dog. The dog could suddenly rush you if it believes you are trying to antagonize it. 

4. Command the dog to sit

If you’re approached by a stray dog you may need to react quickly. You may have the advantage of running into a dog that’s trained. You could try shouting a command to make the dog sit or stop. This way you have time to walk away from the dog. 

5. Carry dog spray  

If you’re a walker, jogger or frequently encounter dogs on your travels for work, you could try carrying dog spray and using it to ward off an aggressive dog. There are pet-safe versions of dog spray that you can find online and in stores.

Your legal rights

If you’re injured by a dog, it’s wisest to learn about your legal options. You may find that you’re eligible for compensation for your injuries.